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Vacation rentals in Paphos, Cyprus

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Paphos, music and poetry

Paphos is situated on the the west coast of Cyprus. It is a harbour town with a rich Greek mythological heritage, Roman mosaics and Christian churches.

The old town was completely renovated in recent years and is quite splendid, modern cafes and shops tumble down to the sea in the the shadow of the old medieval fortress. Paphos has often been in the cultural spotlight where poems and music and plenty of tourism make for a lively atmosphere.

Pathos itself full of shops, restaurants, bars and tavernas and lot’s of colour and vibrance. It’s very inviting and friendly and the local food is fantastic. For some some unspoilt spots, venture a little north of Paphos to the beaches of Paphosto Latchi and Polis, and the turtle nests of Lara Bay and a little further to a stunning beach called Avdimou.