About MyFriendsRoom

Many vacation rentals and hotels can feel impersonal and awkward, but at MyFriendsRoom we believe in places to stay which feel like home. We have holiday rentals all over Europe which are tried and tested by our guests, you can read their reviews and also search for specific options to help you find the right place.

Less expensive, more ‘homely’ travel

Staying in one of our homes when visiting Porto or Madrid is so much easier on the pocket than expensive impersonal hotels. It’s also like a home from home, you can stay in with a glass of wine, cook a meal or go out whenever you like. So you have the comfort of home, while being able to explore a new place and all it has to offer.

Travel like a local

Explore the world like a local. With your host’s local knowledge, you can visit a city in and see all the best places from a local’s perspective.


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Do you have a spare room, a sofa or a whole flat to spare? Do you enjoy having friends to stay? You might just like having someone at home while you are away on a business trip or holiday or to feed the cat. If you do you can also make money. Learn more…


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