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Unlike other websites, we don’t take a hefty commission, it’s totally FREE of charge to list your space with MyFriendsRoom.

Private hosts

Do you have a spare room, a sofa or a whole flat to spare? Do you enjoy having friends to stay? You might just like having someone at home while you are away on a business trip or holiday or to feed the cat. Becoming a host can be such a rewarding experience where you can meet many interesting new people and make a few pennies on the way.

Commercial listings

Do you already have flats or rooms which you advertise elsewhere? Why not list with us, we don't charge commission

We will promote your property in marketing campaigns

Your room or apartment will be promoted on location targeted emails, newsletters and ads for maximum exposure.

Set your own rental terms

With MyFriendsRoom you can contact your guests directly and also set your own rental terms and conditions.

Expand your social network and contacts with MyFriendsRoom

We are not just a renting site, we are also a social network. You will meet new friends and make new contacts when you list your space with us and you can add them to your network on MyFriendsRoom and keep in touch with them for future bookings.

Increase your rental market with us

Invite your friends, business contacts and previous guests to join your network on MyFriendsRoom. You will then be connected to their friends network which will increase your rental market

Need help with your listing?

Email us with your contact details and we can give you a call by Skype or phone to talk you through it.

How to list your space with MyFriendsRoom

1. Sign up
2. Sign in
3. List your Space

Invite your friends and/or business contacts

It's very important to invite your friends from Facebook, Email, Whatsapp (available on iPhone and Android) so that you can increase your rental market. You will be connected to the friends of all those you invite. All these people are your rental market as well as all MyFriendsRoom members.

Listing Title

Make your listing title clear, descriptive and eye catching. This is what will attract customers to click on your listing. It must explain what the listing is as clearly as possible. For example 'Romantic studio apartment in central Prague'


The price is listed in GDP (British Pound Sterling) per night. Make sure that it is as competitive as possible. If you are only renting to your friends network the price should be lower than the market rate. We don't take a commission from our hosts, so this is the price you will get. You will receive the payment from your guests when they arrive or as you have outlined in your Payment Policy (see below). MyFriendsRoom also take a booking fee from the guests which is additional to the price listed, this fee is for MyFriendsRoom admin purposes only.


This must be in clear concise English. If you need help with your English, please send us an email via 'Contact us' and we can help you. Also it would help to say a little about yourself, especially if you will be staying at the property, guests like to know a little about the owner as it gives them a welcoming insight and sense of connection.

1. Describe your house apartment including all the rooms, how many available beds, and facilities: satellite tv, internet, air con, heating, pool table, swimming pool, toys. If you have any pets etc.
2. Describe the location and what attractions are nearby
3. Say a little about yourself and who lives there too if relevant
4. Are you providing breakfast and any other meals. If so is there an extra charge
5. Check in and check out times
6. Separate your text into paragraphs and try not to ramble or write too much.

Multiple rooms

If you have more than one room you will need to make a listing for each additional room. Choose 'private' under Property Type for each room on each space listing.

Renting the whole house or apartment

If you are renting the whole place make sure you mention how may rooms, beds and bathrooms there are in the description. Choose 'entire home space' under Property Type

Pet friendly

Pet friendly properties are extremely popular in the home sharing sector, so if you can allow pets please do choose 'Yes'.

Your availability

You don't have to be available when you guests are staying at your place, some guests prefer it, other guests don't. However it's important to make these things clear early on. If you aren't sure you can choose 'Maybe' and discuss what your guests would like and what you are prepared to offer by message or by phone once the booking is confirmed.

Payment policy

Here can you write your terms and conditions for the stay. This will appear on your listing. Normally Space Owners are paid when their guests arrive at the property. If you have a specific policy for deposits, payment, refunds and cancellations, please write it here and also include it in your correspondence with your guest once they have booked. If you would like, you can ask for a deposit which you can organise with your guest. For any payments, we would recommend using Paypal linked with Zoho invoice. With Paypal you can send your guests an email with a payment request or you can send an invoice directly from Zoho with a Paypal payment link. We do not recommend giving your bank details or dealing with money transfer operators such as Western Union. For international payments to a bank account we recommend Transferwise. If you need any help or advice please contact us (see below).

Who to show my listing to?

The beauty of MyFriendsRoom is that you can choose only to rent your property to your Friends or business network or to all users. If you only want your listing to appear to your friends network you should select Friends Network here. Please bear in mind that this will mean that your rental market will be significantly reduced. Commercial hosts should always choose All Members here.


To improve your safety always remember to read a potential guest’s profile before you approve a booking request. You can learn so much from a profile and a name these days, do some research. If you aren't confident renting to people you don't know you can choose to only rent to your friends network. To do this first you have to invite lots of friends so that you are connected to their friends. We also have a review system so you can vet your guests from the experience of other hosts.

If you need any more help with your listing please contact us and we will deal with your query as soon as we can.

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