About My Friends Room

Rent your travel accommodation from friends not strangers. With MyFriendsRoom you can choose between renting from your friends network or from rated hosts all over the world.

Less expensive and safer travel

Staying with friends when visiting New York or Paris is so much easier on the pocket than expensive impersonal hotels.

Travel like a local

Explore the world from a friend’s home. With your host’s local knowledge, you can visit Madrid or Singapore and see all the best places from a local’s perspective.

Revisit past acquaintances and make new friendships

MyFriendsRoom is an opportunity to rediscover lost friends, get to know friends of friends in a new place and maybe see a different side of a city you already know.

Network with real people

These days we network so much with our friends behind our tablets and phones, MyFriendsRoom is an opportunity to take down those walls and network face to face.

Trust your friend’s network

Trust where you stay. With MyFriendsRoom you can choose to rent a place from your secure friends network. Don’t forget to invite your friends first.

Join & invite

It’s free to join. Just join us and invite you friends from Facebook, Whatsapp or email. You will then be connected to your friends network to share travel photos, blogs, videos stories and space with.

Hola and meet up

With our Hola Button you can easily notify your friends about your travel plans so you can meet up or stay with them when you are in town.

Become a MyFriendsRoom Host

Host safely and make it pay

You can choose rent a space to your friends network (free or set a price) or to rent to all members. So you can feel safe to rent your room and also make a few extra pennies.

Become a Host for FREE

Unlike others we don’t take a hefty commission from our hosts, it’s totally FREE of charge to host with MyFriendsRoom.

Have a spare room?

Do you have a spare room, a sofa or a whole flat to spare? Do you enjoy having friends to stay? You might just like having someone at home while you are away on a business trip or holiday or to feed the cat.

Set your own Terms and Conditions

In most cases we recommend that Hosts are paid by their guests on arrival. If you want you can set your own Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Policy on your listing.

Booking information

MyFriendsRoom Service Fee

We charge a small fee for each booking to cover the cost of our introduction agency services. This fee is charged when you make a booking: 12% of booking Total. Minimum £8.00 GDP per booking.

The booking process

1. Booking Request

First the Space Owner (Host) must approve your stay. Send your travel dates and information about your trip, who is going, where you are travelling from and any other useful information to the Space Owner.

2. Make booking

When you receive a notification or email that the Space Owner (Host) has approved your Booking Request, you can make your booking and Pay the MyFriendsRoom Service fee. The remaining balance to be paid to your Host will be shown on your Booking Receipt.

3. Pay your Host (Space Owner)

Once the booking is made you will be sent the details of your booking including your Host’s contact details. The Host will also be sent your contact details. Depending on the Host’s Terms and Conditions (written on their space listing if they have any), they may require a deposit for booking with you which they will arrange with you. After booking it’s advisable to contact your Host straight away.

Cancellation policy

MyFriendsRoom act as a facilitator to allow Members to offer accommodation to other Members and does not take any responsibility for cancellations. The MyFriendsRoom Service fee is non-refundable. The Cancellation Policy is between the Guest and the Space Owner and is set out in the Space Owner’s Terms and Conditions. If they do not have any Terms and Conditions please discuss the cancellation policy with them before you make your booking. Please refer to ‘Cancellation Policy’ in our Terms and Conditions.


We only share your basic information, photos, videos, blogs, calender, location map with friends and friends of friends by default. With all users we share only your profile photo and basic information. If you are concerned about these settings and would like us to change them, please email us at contactus@myfriendsroom.com

For more information about our Terms and Conditions and Privacy please visit our Terms and Conditions and Privacy pages.

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