Learn to sketch your way around Porto!

Draw the famous landmarks of Porto

The discovery: Learn to sketch your way around Porto
Price: €25 per person
Duration: 2 hrs
Min age: 8
(accompanied by an adult)
Max group size: 12

We will draw our way around the historic center of Porto together. I will show you how to draw some of the famous landmarks of such as Clerigos Tower and Ponte de Dom Luis bridge. You will be lent a sketch book, pencil and pen and I will teach you how to achieve the best results. You will be able to take your sketches home as a momento of your Porto trip to cherish forever.

What we will do
I will suggest some places draw such as Clerigos Tower, Ponte de Dom Luis bridge and some other famous landmarks. We will spend approximately 30 minutes at each location. If we have time we will end our trip with a cup of coffee or tea at a local café

We’ll meet in front of Clerigos tower

Drawing lessons Porto

About your host

I am an artist who lives and work in Porto and I know all the best places to draw. I have worked as a professional artist in London for over 15 years and I have drawn for clients such as BBC, Ferrari, Austin Martin, Gucci, Uniqlo, J. P Morgan, Moodys.

What is included and more info

  • Drawing lessons
  • We will draw famous landmarks in Porto
  • I will provide a sketchbook, pen and pencils (on loan)
  • Please feel free to also bring your own equipment
  • You will be given a quality envelope to take home your sketches in
  • We will be doing some walking, so wear comfortable shoes

Who can come

Guests ages 8 and up can attend. Parents may also bring children under 2 years of age.

Drawing lessons Porto
Drawing lessons Porto

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 29 reviews

That was one of the best activity that I have in whole Porto. Jordan not only has extremely good drawing skills but is also a great teacher. We reorganize our plan to focus of my weakest points and I learn a lot about drawing. He also know a lot about history of places that we visit (but - as this is not a city tour, but a drawing lesson - I need to ask to get info). We spend really nice time and a learn a lot. He is also actually really nice person.

I had done a little sketching prior to my Jordan Experience, but mostly of live models and semi-stationery people. I did not feel confident sketching buildings or understanding perspective until my session with Jordan. After his brief explanation of 1, 2, 3 and 4 vanishing points, we moved to a bench where he instructed me on his approach to setting up a sketch, proportioning the sketch relative to vanishing points, outlying the features in pencil, finishing the features without drawing on the penciled lines and not correcting any pen lines an finally shading the shading the sketch using crosshatching. We covered any amazing amount of material and guided application in our hour and three quarters session that he generously extended to over 2 hours. I now have a much greater confidence and understanding of sketching unique and beautiful building than I have ever had. Porto has such a richness of beautiful buildings to sketch. I am eager and excited to begin.

Voor ons was het een hele leuke ervaring. Jordan neemt zich de tijd. Hij is super aardig en verteld ook eea over stad en geschiedenis. Hou je van tekenen, net even wat beter naar een gebouw te kijken dan is dit zeker een aanrader !

Cool experience and a neat way to see Porto through a different lens. Both of us are beginners at sketching, so it was great to learn some simple techniques to help us get started. Jordan was very patient and encouraging throughout the process. The time flew by quickly and before we realized it, we got a bit of sunburn sketching outdoors — oops. Tip: Bring a hat and wear sunscreen. 🙂

It is a really wonderful experience to sketch the city with Jordon. He teaches me a lot of skills and he is good at encouraging people. As a beginner in drawing, I really love this 2-hour experience .

Really cool experience! As I'm a beginner Jordan started from the basics. He taught me how to look at things in a new way giving me mental tools to put on paper what I see in front of me. First you'll use a pencil to learn the technique and then with the pen you will have even more fun ! Your eye will no more only watch a building but will inevitably imagine where the vanish point is: what is it? Have the sketching experience with Jordan and you will learn!

Jordan은 훌륭한 가이드이자 아티스트입니다. 한 번도 어반스케칭을 못 해봤지만, 포르투 성당을 상당히 마음에 드는 수준으로 그릴 수 있게 친절하게 도와주었습니다. 아침 9시에 일정을 시작하기 전, 포르투의 건축물을 집중하고 관찰하였더니 그 다음부터 도시가 조금 더 새롭게 보였습니다. 색다른 경험을 원하시면 추천해 드려요

It was an amazing experience to sketch in Porto with the beautiful architecture that surrounds the city. Jordan was able to adapt to my lack of drawing skills when we started. He was patient with me and gave me guidance along the way.

Jordan hat sehr viel Geduld, kann gut erklären. Wir hatten insgesamt sehr viel Spaß

I so enjoyed my sketch class - Jordan is an excellent teacher and knows what's he's doing plus he is a lovely person. It was relaxing couple of hours and I ended up with a pretty good sketch which considering my total lack of ability was amazing - my daughter could not believe I had done it. I'd highly recommend this as a lovely activity to do whilst in Porto.

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