So what’s so great about traveling Europe by van?

I used to think that traveling by plane was the best start to a holiday ever, but my first trip by van convinced me the opposite. There are so many ways to discover many beautiful places, and sometimes you don’t even reach the final destination because you just love it somewhere you discover on the way. Traveling by van makes this possible, it’s spontaneous, it's an adventure! When else do you have the opportunity to watch burning fire instead of a movie, fall asleep under the shining stars or be surrounded by nature when you jump out of the bed? Traveling by van gives us the opportunity to discover places that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to find.

So here are some reasons why you should definitely try to travel by van!

1. It's not expensive

If you already have a van the only additional costs are for petrol, road tolls and food. Petrol is probably the most expensive item on the whole trip, but on the other hand you will save a lot of money for accommodation and meals. My tip is to try to avoid restaurants every day and cook on a gas cooker. There are so many recipes that can be cooked on one small cooker, so this doesn’t have to mean eating baked beans every night!

2. You are independent

Late check-ins and early check-outs don’t have to bother you anymore. If you are tired, just stop somewhere by the forest, have something good for dinner, beer or wine and relax. In the morning you can sleep as long as you want because no one will disturb you, you are the boss of your time.

3. You can travel anywhere you want to

The biggest advantage of traveling by van is exploring places you wouldn’t usually come across without your own transport. If you don’t travel on motorways, you can come across really magical places that are not occupied by tourists.

4. One day surfing another day skiing

Imagine, one day you just realize that you've been surfing enough and it’s time to change the plan and head for the Alps where you can go skiing the very next day. Isn’t that cool? In the morning you can wake up at the ocean and in the evening you can be in the mountains.

5. Disconnection from the Internet

If you don’t have to work via the internet during your trip, and you feel like taking a break from the rest of the world, you have a great excuse to retreat from technology and the virtual world and live in your van in a ‘bubble’, at least for a while...

6. The only hotel that has 5 stars is Nature

When you travel by van you are close to the outside world, so most of the time you want to go outdoors and spend time in nature. You take in the fresh air, the natural beauty and consequently you have a lot more energy for new ideas, stories and adventures.

7. You will get to know what ‘traveling’ is really about

In my opinion, real traveling is about getting to know how people from other countries live. The best way to do this is in small villages, where people generally live a simple way, follow local traditions, are very friendly and hospitable.

8. You can bring your four-legged friend and lots of other things you can’t take on a plane

If you travel with a van, you don’t need to worry about finding a pet sitter because you can take them with you and stop whenever you want. If you like to travel alone, a four-legged friend will guarantee you great company.


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