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So what’s so great about traveling Europe by van?

I used to think that traveling by plane was the best start to a holiday ever, but my first trip by van convinced me the opposite. There are so Read more

7 really special things not to miss when visiting Madrid

1. Start your day the Spanish way If you feel like starting your day ‘Madrid style’ then have a tosta con tomate sprinkled with a little salt and olive oil, a café Read more

Make the world your home: Top travel tips for living like a local

Why do we travel, hey? If you’re the kind of person looking for more than a beach resort and all-inclusive bar, there are many much more interesting ways to Read more

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How it works – Dan’s story

Dan, Andy and Pablo are all members of MyFriendsRoom. Dan is friends with Andy so he is connected with Pablo in Spain. Now he can use our App to stay with or meet up with Pablo when he travels to Spain. Our App will allow travelers to connect with friends and friends of friends and locals to stay with, meet up with and date while traveling.

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