Why I started MyFriendsRoom, the first travel app to stay, hang out and date when you travel 2018-11-06T15:41:37+00:00

I developed MyFriendsRoom because I believed that there was a need for an app where you could meet new friends from your contacts to stay with, hang out with and even date when you travel. I have a large network of friends all over the world on social networks, but sometimes it’s hard to approach them and ask to stay with them or visit them when traveling. My vision is to bring the world closer together and MyFriendsRoom to be a safe place where people feel comfortable to approach people to meet up up with, stay with and date when traveling.

When users use or app search for someone by location, they are connected to locals and also friends and friends of friends, so they have a large network of people to reach out to.

I believe that we spend too much time behind our screens networking with people we never see. With MyFriendsRoom I wanted to encourage people to open up to people again and visit them in person.

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