So what’s so great about traveling Europe by van?

I used to think that traveling by plane was the best start to a holiday ever, but my first trip by van convinced me the opposite. There are so many ways to discover many beautiful places, and sometimes you don’t even reach the final destination because you just love it somewhere you discover on the Read more


7 really special things not to miss when visiting Madrid

1. Start your day the Spanish way If you feel like starting your day ‘Madrid style’ then have a tosta con tomate sprinkled with a little salt and olive oil, a café con leche and a glass of zumo de naranja natural (freshly squeezed orange juice) and enjoy the Spanish breakfast experience! This small, light breakfast, may not fill you up Read more


Make the world your home: Top travel tips for living like a local

Why do we travel, hey? If you’re the kind of person looking for more than a beach resort and all-inclusive bar, there are many much more interesting ways to have a change of scene. How about a change of culture? Try stepping beyond your comfort zone, see how other people live and experience something different Read more


How to make solo travel feel like the world is your home

Solo travel isn’t for everybody. Picking up, packing and taking yourself off for an adventure alone is both exhilarating and daunting. One woman’s idea of complete freedom can be another’s idea of solitary hell. Yet, just like travelling with friends or family, or a bunch of people you just met on an organised trip, it Read more


Why I started MyFriendsRoom the first travel accommodation website for friends

I developed MyFriendsRoom because I believed that there was a need for a travel network for safe affordable accommodation. I have a large network of friends all over the world on social networks, but sometimes it’s hard to approach them and ask to stay with them or visit them when travelling. My vision is to Read more


Would you trust a stranger with your flat and your pets?

So I had a dilemma a while back, we were heading off to Seville for our summer holiday and our neighbour had let us down at the last minute so we were left with no-one to look after our cats, let alone our flat. I had the great idea of renting out my flat for Read more


Travel reviews are your new holiday guide

Renting out your place as a vacation rental is an excellent way of making a good income and meeting a lot of interesting people, but there is stiff competition and the best way to be successful is to have good reviews. Potential guests see reviews as crucial when trying to choose the right property to Read more